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The first crypto money market introduced Dynamic Collateral Factor (DCF) mechanism to maximize capital efficiency

Leverage your assets

Add various crypto to market vaults to earn variable interest and PEKO Tokens ($PEKO) each day. Supply PEKO, and you’ll also earn lending rewards. When you need to use your assets, you can withdraw them in an instant.

Use your supplied assets as collateral to borrow up to 80% of the value. The amount you owe will increase each day based on the variable interest rate, so it’s best for short-term loans.

Boost your rewards

$PEKO holders can partake in the Peko Protocol stake program, similar to the ve-token model pioneered by Curve. They can stake their $PEKO tokens and receive $stPEKO tokens. As a result, $stPEKO holders will receive boosted rewards and partake in DAO governance through voting.

PEKO Token ($PEKO)

Own a piece of PEKO

$PEKO is PekoProtocol platform's governance Token name. All users who take part in PekoProtocol will receive some $PEKO tokens as rewards. $PEKO tokens will be operating on Linea, they are crucial for maintaining operating systems, it is also the only credential for users to participate in verification projects

Once the platform is stable, we plan to open up DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) management model. Users will then be able to use $PEKO token to raise issues and to call for a vote to adjust interest rates and lending parameters or support more crypto coins etc.


Protocol status

Total Deposit


Total Borrow


Total Value Locked


Current APY


Contract Audit

PekoProtocol is decentralized, so it operates via smart contracts. The PEKO smart contracts will be audited by Peckshield, whose list of clients includes leading blockchains like BNB Chain, Avalanch, and OKX Chain. An audit reduces the risk of smart contract bugs, but there’s always a risk. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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